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Where Do YOU Find Your Contacts?

This is a question I have been asked over and over again. It`s quite simple to answer, too. I chat! That is basically all I do in my pursuit for taking contacts. I find many people via chats, be it chat downloads, yahoo, get paid chats, msn messenger, any of them.

It`s personal, it`s friendly, everybody get to know each other so much better than through emails. I love to chat with other online marketers. It`s nice for sharing hints, tips, ideas and information. Some of the many people you meet seem to understand so much more than you, and if you take the measure , you might really learn a lot just by listening.

You may turn your contacts into joint venture partners, downline members, potential customers etc. and it`s all mutual. My ezine came about through chat, just by listening to the target and needs of other entrepreneurs like myself. I listened, and worked from what I heard. I`ve seen all the people beginning joint ventures, programs of their own and all sorts of sizeably workable stuff, just through creating chat friends. It is REALLY worth trying for yourself.

Sure, carry on with whatever promotional methods you are using right now, but try chatting with others on a personal level, find out what`s working for them and what`s not. You`ll be surprised by the results. I, personally, have found that I get much better results via chats than any other form of free of price advertising I`ve tried, and believe me, I`ve tried tons in my almost 4 many years online.

Just remember to always be polite, never hype. Be honest, and most of all: Be Yourself. But anyway, in case you DO want to try your hand at chat, here`s a quick crash-course in chat terminology:


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