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The internet Rat Race... How to avoid the Cheezzze!

The Internet Rat Race

The Internet Rat Race... How To avoid the Cheezzze!

Ever notice all of the on line self proclaimed GURUS!?! The ones who tell you exactly how to make a living online while you are in your underwear! Wow that would be a site! Sitting in my underwear all day... :o)

Its tough finding something that will work online. While trying to supplement your income or to completely be able to leave your job... I would have to say that people I know would love to be able to leave their job to do what they wanted, when they wanted and the funds to do it with... Who loves their job that much anyway? If you do you are an athlete or something like that! Leaving our day job and firing the BOSS and never looking back would be dazzling... I mean who really target to work the same old job for the rest of their lives... NOT ME! Ive got dreams, BIG DREAMS! And I can not do it working for someone else for 40 years... Who are they kidding anyway?!?

But what about grasping involved with a online business that offers an affiliate or a MLM type script... If you have ever tried finding a item or program to sell online you will have most likely seen more than a couple thousand... I mean seen for your self for that matter... Not just reading about the several million out there... Whos counting now anyway... The problem isnt the script is self... Its the human joining or taking involved with the program... The script will work but you need someone willing to show you exactly how they did it... And not just a person who says they will, but actually fallow through with their promise...

What happens is this, a new human joins a code and gets some cool web sites... shells out some cash for the item reads all of the materials, page after page... Then the human who promises the world them isnt ever around to help them... The newbie will never emails their sponsor or anyone else in the group for that mater because they are nervous about contacting all the people online... They are intimidated for what ever reason... So with in a few many years they give up and quit with out ever acquiring started... They feel like it would have never worked anyway, and rightfully so... I mean if no one ever told them what to do how to do it and where to do it...The whole idea is a hopeless cause... When will these everybody/self proclaimed gurus ever figure it out? You know theyve heard or read it before... Its one of the most powerful statements ever put into words! "The more you help many people get what they want in life, the more you will have of what you want in life!"

Now the newbie runs off feeling burned and either sees something else that is appealing! Mistakenly feeling that it was the code and not noticing that the item or script isnt working because they were never shown how to get started... So inevitably they jump from one script to another looking for the one that works for them... And they never ever seem to build it... They finish up just giving up all together! Have you ever felt like it is impossible for you? Have you ever lost money trying? have you ever quit before really grasping started? The next instant you attempt to get involved with a company hoping that it works... Be sure that you are going to get involved with someone who is going to show you the ropes... And not a noose!

Making money online is fun and really simple... As long as you know how... If you are at a point in your life that you are tired not building it... Just spend a little more time looking at the person you are taking involved with in what ever code ...You have to find someone who is generating money and someone who is really willing to show you how... A little more time emailing, chatting or talking with a person will go a long ways... Doing this will help you know in your gut, that they are going to be there along the way...

If you focus on that person and not the company you will be able to determine if they are all they are cracked up to be... Having those extra things youve been dreaming of most of your adult life will be a reality! I wish you well with your internet experience...


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