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Self Defense Protection - Keeping Kids Safe Online

We all know that keeping our kids safe on the internet is a parents priority lately. Here are some new tips and strategies to give parents solutions on how to protect their children.

The biggest trick some child predators are using these days is to pretend to be a kid, in a kid page chat room.

Child predators are talking the lingo, misspelling words, having simple conversations to acquire trust with children on the internet.

But do you really know just how fast they may find understanding about your child or your family?

This is one web site every parent must see:


Scroll down to the bottom and you will see a section called

Interactive Tools

Then click on the hyperlink

What Can Be Revealed in Minutes About Your Child Online

It is a downloadable tutorial that shows parents and kids just how someone may search for information about you or your child, if they frequent chat rooms, or send out any type of posts on the internet.

It shows you how a stranger on the internet can find out EVERYTHING about your child in about 45 minutes, with even the smallest piece of information to beginning with.

Here is the direct url for the tutorial:


So what will a child abductor do with this information?

Even if they do not understand what your child looks like, they can wait for them to come home from school, call them by name, call them on the phone.

And if they stroll home from school, they might come in contact with them en route back home.

Without a doubt, the most dangerous of all ...you might not even understand if your child is being stalked by a person like this.

Here are some tips to safeguard your child against these types of individuals:

1. Just like TV, video games, or watching movies, you shouldnt let your child have free reign of the computer any measure they like.

Have a central family computer space (keep it out of their rooms if there is an internet hook-up) By building utilize of the computer as a family affair, parents might keep a close eye on who they are interacting with.

2. Make sure you understand who they are chatting with online and tell them exactly why youre concerned. Just like you want to meet their friends, get to understand who they are talking to online.

tip - Kids are smart these days. They understand there are nasty people in our society. Be open with them about your concerns and tell them you love them and you just do not want anything happening to them. That way, when you do get nosey cozy every instant theyre online, its not a shock to their system.

Tell your child under no circumstances should they give out their name, address, phone #, or where they go to school over the internet.

tip - Its natural for a kid to want to talk about those things. Thats what makes up their day. Help them fight the urge by working with your child on safe topics to chat about; movies, music, current events, even what they are learning in school. But nothing personal.

4. Have them tell you if there are any conversations that build them feel uncomfortable and to not believe anyone they chat with when they type in "Dont Tell Your Mom or Dad

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