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Profitable Reasons To Add A Discussion Board Or Chat Room To Your Web Site

Heres ten efficient reasons you should be thinking
about a discussion board or chat room to your
internet site .

1. Youll be able to communicate with your visitors.
Theyll start to trust you and get to know you on a
more personal level. People will purchase products
quicker from somebody they already know and trust.

2. People will revisit your website to participate on
your discussion board or chat room. They will meet
other everybody with similar interests and your internet page
will become a hang out were they might chat.

3. You can learn important knowledge about your
visitors by reading the conversations they have. They
might chat about your website or products. With this
understanding you could learn to advertise your businesses products
more effectively.

4. You could answer the questions your visitors inquire of
in your online communities. Youll become known as
an expert by giving the answers to their questions.
This will give you and your business more credibility.

5. You could teach a free online class using your chat
room. This will give you an expert status and increase
visitors to your website by offering the free of price class.

6. When your discussion board or chat room becomes
popular, you could sell promoting space on them. This
will give you an excess income stream for your site.

7. You might network with other businesses by having
a chat room or discussion board. You could exchange
business ideas, leads, selling , etc.

8. You could allow other web sites who dont have
a discussion board or chat room to use yours. You
will get free selling by allowing them to backlink to
your online community.

9. When you have a discussion board or chat room
you might get free of cost branding by listing them in online
community directories. You can also join web rings
with similar discussion topics.

10. You may generate lots of funds by advertising your own
products and services on your discussion board or
chat room. You could also join other peoples affiliate
programs and generate commissions selling them.


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