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LiveCamNetwork.com Launches Online Magazine

(Toronto) December 7, 2004 - A week after nearly becoming a cyber crime statistic, live video chat site LiveCamNetwork.com has launched LCN Magazine, an e-zine.

"We added a BBS, when we were attacked by those code bombs and couldnt log on, so the customers and performers could stay in contact" said Jen, webmistress of LiveCamNetwork.com. "This really brought out the sense of community the chat hostesses and their visitors feel from coming to the site for years, if not months."

The webmistress, whose page is becoming increasingly popular, was aware of that "community feeling" but didnt know how strong it was.

"Weve had posts on the BBS that mention the LCN Experience and the sense of a second family," Jen said. "LCN magazine is a chance to emphasize that bond, for the community to express itself, as any community will, given measure ," Jen said.

Besides featuring galleries of their most popular webcam girls, LCN Magazine also contains performer profiles, "Babe News", and sex toy updates, and plans to solicit submissions and artwork from chat visitors and performers.

"LiveCamNetwork doesnt like referring to the chat hostesses as webcam girls," said Sid Zombay, the e-zines editor. "Because of the technology. Theyre using digital video cameras, which give dazzling picture and colour."

Zombay says the magazine will not be acquiring on selling . "We want to keep it hermetic, by the page of the page and for the site, for now."

Zombay, also editor of iSN News, plans to submit the link to various sites and directories, despite the fact that the e-zine resides as a subdomain of the main site. "Obviously Id like it to build interest in LiveCamNetwork itself. But I like to think of the e-zine as an independant page ."

2much.net, which powers LiveCamNetwork.com and a growing number of adult video chat sites, has a longer-term vision and wants for its LiveCamNetwork 1.9 platform.

"Certainly we do it to build some cash. We are in business like anyone else," said Mark Prince, 2much.net CEO and founder of LiveCamNetwork. "But we also do it to get our video and audio streaming standard out there on the net. The day someone comes out with live chat, with audio and video as dazzling and secure as ours, will be the day we have to push ourselves even harder."

The state of the art of video chat on the net is behind the times, he claims. The internet has evolved and the accessibilty of DSL and Broadband connections as well. "Theres no reason nowadays for sites to be running four frames per second, or j-peg push, technology," said Prince. "Even big sites and networks. Theyve grown comfortable and things have been working OK for them for months. They have no real reason to push themselves."

"But we are here to shake things up a little," added Zombay. "Contribute to the evolution of the dinosaurs."

LCN Magazine might be seen at http://www.livecamnetwork.com/magazine/index.htm

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