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From Pen Pal Romance to Online Dating

While dating in human usually starts with physical attraction, dating online or pen pal romance often starts with the echo of souls. When the appearance and thoughts are in harmony, we fall in love and have a happy ending. Your heart was pounding when you viewed the smiles on her eyelashes. You could have a sleepless night after reading his emails. Whether you find your date online or in person, you could finish up with a true love or a broken heart. Pen pal romance or online dating wouldnt change how men and women love, it changes the way how they fall in love.

Many of us had their first pen pal when were a little kid. We wrote to a kid we had never and will never met. The letters opened a new world for us. Once in a while, we see a romantic story in newspapers or talk shows that pen pals write to each other for months without meeting and finally they fall in love.

The emergence of the Internet and the Web has transformed our planet into a digitalized global village. Tens of million of Internet users login to free of cost adult chat rooms or free teen chat rooms to talk about anything under the sun - love, pets, music and games.

People turn to online dating sites to find love. They browse a few popular dating sites and find the profile they like. The online romance begins. Men and women, boys and girls tend to open their hearts freely in an online environment without worrying about the conflicts in reality. While composing an email in the middle of a night, you discovered your inner beauty which you never realized before.

The moment of the truth is the first instant they meet in person. It could be either the end of the romance or the start of a new chapter in their relationship. Many relationship experts advise that you should meet your date in human before grasping serious.


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