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Benefits of Integrating Online Chat Software with CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy and processes used to learn more about customers needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships with them. CRM applications are traditionally developed as client-server software. The proliferation of the Internet and the Web has fueled the rapid growth of Web-based CRM or online CRM applications. Web CRM systems are widely deployed for Web based call center, contact management, trouble ticket, personal information manager and scheduling. As more and more corporations use chat software to provide quality customer support, many CRM vendors have built chat functionality into new generation of Web-based CRM systems.

The first generation of writing -based online chat software was developed months before the World Wide Web (WWW) gained its popularity. The new generation of Web-based chat software is much more user-friendly and is powered with audio and video chat.

Therere many benefits to integrate chat software into CRM systems.

1. Many customers have knowledge in using chat software

New technology is fairly often challenged by user acceptance. Fortunately, online chat has been widely accepted by average Internet users. It is estimated that tens of million of Internet users login to online chat rooms regularly. In free of price adult chat rooms or free teen chat rooms all the people talk about anything under the sun - love, pets, music and games.

2. One customer service representative is able to support multiple customers at the identical time.

It is common to wait 30 minutes or even more before a customer may talk to a support representative. With chat software, customers have a better chance of instant access to a service representative. One support team member could be able to chat with a few customers at the same measure .

3. Chat software may automatically log a support chat session

Call center software is capable of recording support conversations. However, it requires extra cost to convert audio recordings to digital data that a computer can understand and extract valuable data from. Chat software, on the other hand, could be easily configured to automatically log a support chat session.


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