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Basic Computer Skills 101

What is the one thing, literally, standing in the way between you and online success? Your Computer!

The internet today offers fantastic opportunities for the average human but very almost always folks have a problem with one key aspect... their computer! They have limited understanding of basic computer skills. They see the opportunity, but they dont know how to contruct things happen. How do you copy and paste? How do you create a internet page ? What is a downloadable document ? What does upload mean? What is drag and drop? How can I install CGI Script? There are so many questions about computer operations that you really need to know!

Trying to beginning an online business without having a solid grasp of computer fundamentals is like trying to beginning a car with no gasoline. Youre not going to get very far! It is definately imperative that you understand the basic acquired skill about your computer!

So, where might you find this basic understanding? There are numerous resources for folks who need to learn more about computers. The best one Ive found is a Newbie Club that trains new computer users.

Of course, you can always ask me about the basics by sending me an electronic mail or chatting online. Please dont be shy if you do not know about computers! I have team members who ask me all kinds of Newbie questions, like, "Anne, I have a domain name, why do I positive need hosting?" (The answer is that a domain title needs to "sit" somewhere online and the hosting business supplies the chair or the place for it to sit).

But, please keep in mind, the objective of the Mentoring Program is to teach you how to overcome at Network Marketing. The more time you spend learning about computers, the more time I might devote to teaching you the advanced techniques that will help you grow your business that much quicker!

Your computer is the gateway to wealth and prosperity. If you take instant to learn the skills and fundamental techniques needed, you will not have to struggle so hard with your business. With the right foundation, the skills you will learn from me may be easily implemented, and you will find success in Network Marketing!


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